Community based

scam identification




Internet security 3.0

You will be protected from:

  • Phishing – clones of popular websites to be used for stealing personal data, credit card data, users' online wallets.
  • ICO Scam – projects aimed at raising funds through ICO, which promise high returns to their investors, but knowingly act to embezzle investors’ funds.
  • Fake Projects – projects that present themselves as other ventures or carry out fraudulent operations using a legal business as a front.
  • And more - pyramid schemes, shopping scam, jobs and employment scam, betting and sports scam, health and medical scam , fake charities;

How it works

It's really important to understand how CryptoPolice works. The whole internet community can participate in the global fight against scam. Any online user can submit an application to CryptoPolice, pointing at any suspicious fact. Then, an Officer reviews the report and delivers a verdict, which will subsequently undergo a multi-level verification process by other Officers. The factual data that was verified and confirmed is stored in the blockchain, which forms the basis for the scam notification system “WatchDog”, helping protect users online.