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What is CryptoPolice?

CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.

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CryptoPolice and Bitdefender partnership

  • CryptoPolice
  • Bitdefender

Bitdefender are protecting over 500M users worldwide!

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"a system, which is based on ideas, pioneered by Peer-to-Patent, and set to deliver on the main values promised by blockchains: transparency and immutability. Bringing together advanced tech and the wisdom of the crowd, CryptoPolice empowers the community to get hands on with the fight against scam. In the platform, the crowd is represented by the Officers – a community of expert users that have been trained and certified at the CryptoPolice Academy"

Arturs Rasnacis, CEO of CryptoPolice

The Wisdom of Crowds

It's really important to understand how CryptoPolice works. The whole internet community can participate in the global fight against scam. Any online user can submit an application to CryptoPolice, pointing at any suspicious fact. Then, an Officer reviews the report and delivers a verdict, which will subsequently undergo a multi-level verification process by other Officers. The factual data that was verified and confirmed is stored in the archive, which forms the basis for the scam notification system “WatchDog”, helping protect users online.

Any internet user can report to CryptoPolice
internet users
Users report suspicious facts that will be verified
Expert users, certified by CryptoPolice, verify facts and deliver verdicts
A Verdict specifies whether a fact under review is true or false.
Algorithm of
multi-level verification
All verdicts go through multi-level verification, driven by Officers
On-chain storage for all verdicts
CryptoPolice WatchDog notification system
CryptoPolice WatchDog notification system
CryptoPolice WatchDog notification system
CryptoPolice WatchDog notification system
The Wisdom of Crowds

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CryptoPolice WatchDog


The WatchDog system promptly informs users about suspicious objects and activities and passes information to different channels. The working principle of WatchDog is similar to an Antivirus system.
CryptoPolice escrow contract<


Special escrow smart contracts, developed by CryptoPolice, will improve security of ICO transactions, deliver in-depth customization and release only when the parties have met their commitments.
CryptoPolice Academy


CryptoPolice provides users with opportunities for training and examinations about Internet fraud basics, its types and schemes, as well as ways to identify scams.
CryptoPolice Scam table

Scam database

CryptoPolice provides a list of all objects verified and defined by CryptoPolice as scams.
CryptoPolice project table

Project database

CryptoPolice maintains a database containing the data about Internet projects and helping users find information they need.
CryptoPolice Knowledge base

Knowledge base

CryptoPolice provides users with base of high-quality educational and informative materials.


CryptoPolice User reward system<

User reward system

Active participation in CryptoPolice provides for accruing rewards for the work done.
CryptoPolice Multilevel verification

Multilevel verification

The decentralised algorithm of multilevel data verification is a key instrument for uncovering the truth and eliminating corruption in the CryptoPolice platform

Artificial Intelligence

The main goal that artificial intelligence will help achieve is increasing the capacity for processing factual data.

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WatchDog is a notification system that uses the wisdom of the crowd to protect users from scams. The working principle of the WatchDog system is similar to an AntiVirus system.

CryptoPolice notification system WatchDog
  • You will be protected from:
  • Phishing – clones (copies) of popular websites or web pages to be used for stealing personal data, credit card data, users' online wallets.
  • ICO Scam – projects aimed at raising funds through initial token sale, which promise high returns to their investors, but knowingly act to embezzle investors’ funds.
  • Fake Projects – projects that present themselves as other ventures or carry out fraudulent operations using a legal business as a front.
  • And more - pyramid schemes, shopping scam, jobs and employment scam, betting and sports scam, health and medical scam , fake charities;
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created and provided by
Karolina Gavrilova
Officer of marketing and communication
CryptoPolice officer of marketing and communication


The CryptoPolice team will deliver the escrow smart contract that will enforce the funds transfer from ICOs to investors upon specified events.

CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service
CryptoPolice Escrow service

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CryptoPolice will introduce Artificial Intelligence. The main goal that the Artificial Intelligence will help achieve is increasing the capacity for processing factual data.

CryptoPolice Artificial intelligence
Read our whitepaper CryptoPolice whitepaper

OfficerCoin tokens

The OfficerCoin (OFCR) is CryptoPolice's token, which is essential to the functioning of the platform. OFCR is an access token that enables CryptoPolice platform services. Tokens will also be used to reward platform users for reporting and verifying information. The total number of OfficerCoin Tokens (OFCR) is 1 billion.

Token name: OfficerCoin

Symbol: OFCR

Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 OFCR

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)

Type: Utility Token

Transfarable: Yes. After token sale

Adjustable: Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned

Minimum goal: 12,500,000 OFCR

Total supply
1,000,000,000 OFCR
Token sale
510,000,000 OFCR
Platform users rewards
350,000,000 OFCR
Referrals and airdrops
70,000,000 OFCR
Team, advisors and partners
50,000,000 OFCR
Bounty campaigns
20,000,000 OFCR
Date: ........ - ........
Event title: Closed pre-sale
Issued tokens 70,000,000 OFCR
Price per 1 OFCR: 0.050 USD
Date: ........ - ........
Event title: Public pre-sale
Issued tokens 80,000,000 OFCR
Price per 1 OFCR: 0.055 USD
Date: ........ - ........
Event title: Sale
Issued tokens 140,000,000 OFCR
Price per 1 OFCR: 0.060 USD
Date: ........ - ........
Event title: Last chance
Issued tokens 20,000,000 OFCR
Price per 1 OFCR: 0.085 USD

Dates will be announced after we deliver the Demo version of WatchDog.


Bounty Campaigns

CryptoPolice will provide 9 different bounty campaigns with the total budget of 20,000,000 OFCR.

Join now CryptoPolice Bounty campaign



Each participant will get its own Referral code to invite friends.

For this action participant will receive referral bounties.

Referral holder will receive 7% from the purchase amount of the user using his referral code, and user, that uses a referral code will get 5% of the purchase

CryptoPolice will provide 2 airdrops. The goal of airdrop is to introduce the community with the new scam fighting force.

Victims AirDrop

The first airdrop will target the victims of recent scam activities. Thus, we want to introduce our readiness at early stages to support the victims and bring awareness to this issue.

Community AirDrop

The second airdrop will be aimed at the audience of CryptoPolice as a gratitude for the faith in our project in the early stages.

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Earn tokens

Earn OFCR tokens for your activities! Bring benefit for the community and receive rewards.

Earn OFCR tokens
Earn OFCR tokens

*User reward will be paid out in OfficerCoin tokens (OFCR), but the reward amount will be fixed in USD in order to protect rewards from fluctuations.

These are our predictions and were calculated for active platform users (active for 2–3 hours per workday) for a fixed Officer count.

Make a difference!
Fight internet fraud with us!

Executive team

Our team consists of professionals who have worked together in one organization for 3-5 years

Dmitirjs Valaks
Senior Front-end Developer
Dmitirjs is an expert in Front End development and creative web graphics. He is also experienced in UI UX design. Highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. He has also good knowledge in JQuery & PHP.

Dmitirjs has 10 years experience in web development, and during this time created about 100 projects and wrote thousands of lines of code. Specializes in front-end development, and also has knowledge in back-end development. Uses the latest technologies, such as preprocessors, frameworks, builders, package managers, etc. Likes beautiful and structured code.

In addition to development, he has engaged in teaching and training novice web developers. He is the author of his own teaching programs, and in over five years of teaching has taught more than 2,000 students.
Juris Švarnovičs
Technical Support & QA specialist
Juris is a customer service focused Technical Support Specialist with three years experience in help desk environments. Skilled in system analysis diagnostics, troubleshooting and conflict resolution. Exhibits excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Works well in team environments and displays a strong work ethic.

Juris provides independent assessment of how a project's software development process is being implemented, and executes manual and automated testing using Selenium and Telerik TestStudio.
M.L. Maksim Kuzmin
Chief Operating Officer
Maksim graduated from the Economic and Law Faculty with a Master of Law degree and has more than 7 years experience in jurisprudence and finance. He also has a Diploma in Performance Management by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), London.

From 2012, Maksim has specialized intax consulting working in a large energy holding company. He has experience in structuring international transactions, international taxation and developing risk management systems.

Recently, Maksim has become actively interested in blockchain technology and in providing private consulting in economic, finance and law aspects of the blockchain projects.
Igors Savins
Blockchain developer
Igors is a skilled web and blockchain developer and has seven years experience building technology for enterprises. He’s a highly skilled and adaptable system engineer.

Igors has extensive experience in building scalable and robust Backend technologies. A strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. As a full-stack developer who specializes in Node.js, PHP, Postgre/MySQL/MongoDB and many other related technologies, he regularly works on massive projects. For a long time, he has been involved in the development of software for Internet payment systems.
Elvijs Teikmanis
Chief Technology Officer
CTO and established senior developer of smart contracts. Under his supervision, the platform’s technical vision had been established. He is CryptoPolice’s technological development leader. He sets the platform’s strategic direction, development and future growth.

Elvijs is lead developer on smart contracts and tokens that will be used in our ICO. He is a software Engineer with more than five years of experience in commercial development. Elvijs has strong experience in IT and in Technical Sciences. He has been involved in a variety of software projects dealing with payment processing, payment gateways, Bitcoin payments (bitpay integration)/blockchain and cryptocurrency integration.

Elvijs is a full-stack developer familiar with Solidity, C#, PHP 5-7, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, OOP Design Patterns, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Laravel 5, Git, SVN, C and PIC Microcontrollers and many more related technologies. Now Elvijs specializes in decentralized solutions using the Ethereum platform and web3 technologies to connect blockchain to the real world.
M.L Valera Matulenko
Project manager
Valera is an experienced manager in IT, founder and director of several companies. Valera currently holds the position of the President of the Latvian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Union, as well as the Membership of the Board of Directors of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In the CryptoPolice project, Valera will be using his insights and track record in order to research various schemes for scamming and look for optimal methods to counteract scam.
B.H. Karolīna Gavrilova
Chief Commercial Officer
CCO and public relations specialist, Bachelor of Humanities in Finno-Ugric Studies. Karolina’s extensive experience in product branding and marketing, as well as her skills in project management, has helped many of her customers gain recognition and popularity all over the world. Now Karolina is working with clients from Latvia, Germany, Finland and Russia. She is a skilled SMM, SEM and email marketing specialist, has a creative mind and strong leadership skills.

As a marketing specialist, Karolina has developed and carried out various campaigns, helped gain recognition in social media networks and, with her knowledge of global trends in marketing and sales, she is capable of executing high quality marketing campaigns
Agris Vītoliņš
Senior System Administrator
Skilled IT professional with over seven years of experience as network analyst and system administrator. He has a high level of expertise in cybersecurity. Agris is an expert in data security and processing. He’s a blockchain enthusiast and developer and senior system administrator in the Central Election Commission of Latvia.

All kinds of elections in Latvia are held under his supervision, including the Saeima elections, European Parliament elections and local elections. His experience and knowledge is the reason why CryptoPolice will have a well-designed security model and maintenance functions.
M.Sc. IT. Arturs Rasnacis
Chief Executive Officer
Master of Information Technology from Riga Technical University and the author of several publications related to the field of IT project management.

Arturs has more than eight years of experience of working in the IT industry, including management of IT projects, system analysis and development of high system loads. Arturs has participated in the development and management of more than 75 projects. He also specializes in software development (full-stack WEB development). For the last two years, Arturs has been the CEO of a Latvian IT company “CUNAMI WEB”, where he has gained key experience in the interaction with blockchain technologies.

Arturs had the idea for CryptoPolice after he found a vulnerability in a rather large ICO project. The developers failed to develop the system of decision making and token distribution well enough, which created risks of token theft. Arturs informed the ICO project owners about this vulnerability, but received just a formal reply: “Thank you for your information. We will consider your application”. As a result, the vulnerability was not eliminated and many investors suffered. This event caused the development of an idea to protect investors, which led to the formation of the CryptoPolice project concept. Now Arturs is the main ideas man and manager of the CryptoPolice project.

PhD candidate Oskars Podziņš
Cyber Security Specialist
Oskars is a 2nd year PhD student majoring in Information Technologies. He has already published few scientific journal articles on topics like “Cost effective cyber security solution development for small to medium sized companies” and “Risk identification and assessment methodologies”. In his early 20s, he founded his own company providing high performance data processing services internationally. In the following years he worked with over 200 clients all over the world. Overall he has had a wide range of experience in the IT industry for more than seven years.

Additionally, he has worked for a “Big Four” company as an IT auditor, risk assurance specialist and consultant. He specialisedin the fields of Cyber Security and Information Security, ISO/IEC 27001, risk management lifecycle, IT audit, process optimisations and GDPR.

He has been a passionate follower and believer in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for more than two years.
M.Sc. IT. Aleksandrs Prokofjevs
Project manager
Aleksandrs has more than five years experience of working in the IT industry, most of the time managing IT projects, analyzing systems and developing web projects. He specializes in exploring new methods of project management as well as developing best practices with clients. Aleksandrs graduated from Riga Tehnical university and is a Master of Science in Information Technology.

Under his supervision, more than 50 different projects have been carried out with excellence and many more are still in progress. His knowledge and experience in system analysis is crucial for the CryptoPolice development process, and scrum master abilities make Aleksandrs an excellent leader, who is able to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment.
Aivis Krafts
Graphic designer
A creative web and graphic designer with over nine years experience in the IT industry. Participated in more than 70 projects, including startups. Professionally trained and competent in a wide range of design software.

A strong track record of creating impactful visual communications that build brand identity and engage customers. Detail oriented and always looking for new challenges.
Arturs Budžis
System administrator
Artur is talented system administrator offering five years of experience in the Unix/Linux environment and specializes in several distributions of Linux including Red Hat, Centos and Ubuntu. He has a strong grasp of computer security, various operating systems, and numerous applications.

Arturs is an engineer in the field of cryptocurrency mining. He has three years of experience in mining software, cryptocurrency miner assembling, and miner monitoring. Arturs has an extensive knowledge on how to solve bugs that occur with mining software and hardware.
Vladimirs Vorobjovs
Back-end & Blockchain Developer
Vladimir is a back-end developer with three years experience in web development. He is experienced in the research, design and development of client-server web applications. He has experience with all stages of the development life cycle in dynamic web projects. Excellent knowledge of networking protocols and hardware operating systems, developing web services and relational databases. Experience in common third-party APIs. Extensive knowledge of programming languages including PHP, C++ and JavaScript and technologies such as mySQL and Ajax. Solid knowledge of frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. He always tries to carry out quality assurance tests to discover errors and optimize usability.

Vladimir has experience in Ethereum smart contract development. He's currently working as a blockchain developer, specializing in Ethereum technology, smart contracts security development and auditing outsourcing contracts.
Marija Rucevska
Marketing specialist
At CryptoPolice Marija is in charge of global outreach and partnerships. Furthermore she is the co-founder and a former CEO at TechChill Foundation , a startup community non-profit that hosts the leading Baltic Tech event every February and brings together hottest startups and innovators from across the region.

She is a passionate ambassador for Baltic tech, and works to help the region gain visibility in order to attract foreign talent, investment and media attention and build bridges between Nordics, Baltics and CEE. Previously she worked at Techhub Riga, the first and oldest community hub in Latvia that supports local startups.
Dāvis Suneps
Marketing specialist
Davis is the jack of all trades if such a profession exists – a copywriter, communications specialist, event manager, and a millennial entrepreneur at his own projects – all in one!

Previously, Davis helped technology startup community grow at TechHub Riga and organized more than 100 tremendously attended meetups.
Mikus Losāns
Head of marketing department
Mikus created profitable advertising business while he was 17. After starting studies in University of Latvia, he saw that there is no support for young entrepreneurs. So he came with an initiative to create a Business incubator of University of Latvia. Later in Business incubator he started Blockchain pre-accelerator that brings together best talent from the region to create startups that use the potential of Blockchain technology to transform industries. Incubator is helping young entrepreneurs already for 7 years, now one of the leading University incubators in Latvia.

Apart from that Mikus has created online and offline preacceleracion program for wantepreneurs, who want to start their business on Etsy.com.
Dmitirjs Valaks
Senior Front-end Developer
Juris Švarnovičs
Technical Support & QA specialist
M.L. Maksim Kuzmin
Chief Operating Officer
Igors Savins
Blockchain developer
B. IT. Elvijs Teikmanis
Chief Technology Officer
M. L Valera Matulenko
Project manager
B.H. Karolīna Gavrilova
Chief Commercial Officer
M.Sc. IT. Arturs Rasnacis
Chief Executive Officer
Agris Vītoliņš
Senior System Administrator
PhD candidate Oskars Podziņš
Cyber Security Specialist
M.Sc. IT. Aleksandrs Prokofjevs
Project manager
Aivis Krafts
Graphic designer
Arturs Budžis
System administrator
Vladimirs Vorobjovs
Back-end & Blockchain Developer
Marija Rucevska
Dāvis Suneps
Mikus Losāns

Our Partners

Oz Forensics is our KYC provider
KYC provider for our project. Oz Forensics platform provides digital document and image authenticity recognition and biometric identification.
With a worldwide network, Bitdefender has the world's largest security delivery infrastructure. They support us by popularizing WatchDog!
Riga Technical University, the oldest technical university in the Baltics, supports the development of multi-level algorithm and artificial intelligence.
Ties.DB is our partner in decentralization technology. Ties.DB is a public, distributed and decentralized database with one common thread - trust.


CryptoPolice presents the global advisory team that will raise the profile for our mission.

Jamil Hasan
Jamil Hasan
advisor in new york, usa
Jamil Hasan is Founder and President of Minerva Data Advisors, LLC, a service-based Data Advisory company. Jamil is an author, Blockchain educator, business coach, and token advisor.

Jamil has over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles: Technology Management, Operations, Business Analysis, Financial Planning and Analysis, Data Analysis and Governance, and Business Strategy at Fortune 100 companies including 11 years at AIG. He has spent substantial time facilitating and developing business solutions as liaison between system engineers and front office and C-suite executives. Jamil holds a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Science in Finance from Drexel University. He holds a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Villanova University and is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor with the Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors.
Juan Otero
Juan Otero
advisor in perth, australia
Juan Otero is a serial tech entrepreneur & innovation advocate with over 15 years experience in building, scaling and leading disruptive technology companies.

After beginning his career at Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle for $7.4B), Juan joined the Project Management Team at Booking.com, the world's largest and fastest growing online hotel booking service. Part of Priceline (PCLN) with a current market cap of $84B.

Juan’s experience in tech start-ups has led to his involvement as a Consultant and Advisor in several leading start-ups, blockchain projects, government organizations and start-up accelerators like Silicon Valley's Founder Institute, Wayra Start-up Accelerator, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the European Commission in Brussels.

Currently CEO at Ultimo, leading events company. Previously, Juan was the Founder & CEO of Restalo, Southern Europe's leading online restaurant reservation service – named by Wired Magazine as one of Europe’s fastest growing digital companies. Juan completed the transition of the start-up from idea stage to a company with over 100 employees and yearly revenues in excess of €20M – successfully sold to The Michelin Group.
Dean Karakitsos
Dean Karakitsos
advisor in new york, usa
Dean is a visionary innovator in disruptive technology development and business management with more than 20 years of experience bringing an industry-changing approach to designing and launching dynamic new technology products. He is the founder of Bloqchain Science that builds secure decentralized systems using blockchain technology for identity solutions, tokenization-of-things (TOI), and security and audits of smart contracts. In telecoms, he has signed more than 100 interconnection agreements with carriers around the globe and managed a streaming voice traffic of over a billion voice minutes. For 3 years in a row, he has been listed in the INC 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Dean advises ICOs in multiple verticals, and with his team, he is designing safety and smart contracts best practices.
Eduards Baginskis
Eduards Baginskis
advisor in Gibraltar
Formerly European Business Development Manager for Lloyds Bank in Gibraltar and a senior manager at Parex Bank and Parex Asset Management, Eduards is currently CEO and owner of How2Agency based in Gibraltar. He has a Masters in Economics, Banking and Finance and 14 years experience in finance and capital markets. He has been involved in crypto assets since 2014 and launched the How2Coin project in 2017 in Gibraltar, the first jurisdiction with comprehensive regulations for blockchain-based businesses.



Sharp increase of cryptocurrency popularity and mass proliferation of scam. Analysis of existing methods of protection from scam impact.

Emergence of the idea of CryptoPolice.


• Detailed research of scam, its types and the threats that it creates for society. Emergence of the idea of a multi-level verification algorithm, a system of rewards and a user’s role of “Officer”.

• Elaboration of the concept of independent domestic economics of CryptoPolice.

WhitePaper elaboration.


Further development of the idea for public presentation.

Development of a landing page, video footage, smart contract. Elaboration of a marketing strategy and processing of advertising.

Start of CryptoPolice Academy development - first part of CryptoPolice platform to educate officers.


Start collaboration with partners and advisors
Launch support system: CryptoPolice support center
• Test and audit smart contract
• Roll out “Early Bird” System: Registration for first Officers
• Develop marketing campaigns, bounty campaign and plan VICTIMS AIRDROPS
• Migrate to .com domain from .io
• Develop customer verification system for KYC compliance
Launch demo version of CryptoPolice Academy


Develop token sale functionality & deploy smart contract
Draw up legal documents for token sale
Project roll-out for crypto community
Launch community section & bounty section of CryptoPolice platform
Announce token sale & launch advertising campaign
Launch bounty campaign & victims airdrop


Launch and perform TOKEN SALE
Launch community AIRDROP
Beta version of CryptoPolice Academy for partners and “Early bird” Officers
• Develop CryptoPolice storage system, run on Ethereum
• Develop multi-level verification algorithm at CryptoPolice
• Develop user reward system


Release CryptoPolice platform with beta version of multi-level verification algorithm
Launch reward system
Develop & test WatchDog notification system


Release CryptoPolice platform with beta version of WatchDog
• Prepare & launch marketing campaign
• Develop CryptoPolice ESCROW service
• Roll out development of artificial intelligence


Release CryptoPolice platform with beta version of ESCROW service
Launch beta version of WatchDog Web
Continue development of artificial intelligence CryptoPolice, Sandbox AI


Release CryptoPolice platform with beta version of BLOODHOUND AI artificial intelligence


Release stable version of CryptoPolice platform with all main services


Deliver support, updates and improvements to CryptoPolice platform

Whitelisting is LIVE!